Get A Little High

You wake up in the middle of
in the thunder of a scream
and you realise that it was yours

you don't know what to tell them
cause you don't know where you've been
and you've been there so many times before

it's only natural to feel like you're sinking
it's only human to be so unprepared
don't worry baby

if you get a little high
it's just a phase to get you through
getting by

so you get a little restless
and you get a little wasted
it's just a little light entertainment, embrace it

it might just save your life
You always say you're sorry
but you never know what for

And it's been happening more and more
act your age and not your shoe size
and blah blah blah blah blah

it's your role model slam the door
so it's only natural to feel the guilt of a nation
it's only human, when you're young you're gonna cry

Don't worry baby...
So where else can you go to
cause no one's given you the book

about what to say and how to feel
and what you should and shouldn't have took
it's feeling that you're fearing

that's why you step outside your mind
don't look back
Cause if you don't crack

You get to sing this lullaby
You get to sing this lullaby