Kill me or cure me

Oh, I'm your new best mate
Help me self-medicate

Things can't all look great
Stopped in this town to quench my thirst

The bad man got here first
Then the bubble burst

Who's telling stories
I can't handle shit

And it's beginning to bore me
Just get on with it

Kill me or cure me
My love life's gone stiff

Don't know who I've been with
And I'm gonna take it 'cos they wanna give

Can you blame me?
Don't need to spend my bread

People do that for me instead
Must be thinking that I'll wake up dead

In the morning
I can't handle shit...

You've got a powerful lawyer
Well I've got money for ya

I know why I appall ya
But I fucked your daughter

I got friends stay up till the end
Try to screw me or my girlfriend

Until I'm not the latest trend

Fetch me butler
I can't handle shit...