John's Gay

We've learnt to kick a ball,
but we're not quite cynical

And we've written on the wall, John's gay
He's gay

And Janet's friends with John
and she says that we're all scum

He just gets his homework done
and won't play not today

What will we grow up to be
(ask your brother)

What will we grow up to see
(can't be bothered)

Will you still be friends with me
fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

Martin grew out of his A-team vest
Nicked the pedals off my BMX

And he says that he's had sex
with a girl, for effect

I lost my virginity,
the year above us had discovered E

And I said it weren't for me, £12.50
What will we grow up to be...

We hide in bandstands and talk in the dark
Rain's never cold when you're young

We were devoted to us from the start
I know too much how to feel ...

We've learnt to kick a ball...